Amber Brown is a recent graduate of Temple University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production from the School of Media and Communication. While enrolled in school she worked on cultivating her craft, simultaneously increasing her knowledge about the field of media.

After transferring from Howard University to attend Temple University, she began to seek more ways to use her voice in relation to media. In her quest to learn new things, she discovered a hidden talent for bringing messages to life through voice-overs. She would do voice-over and acting jobs that focused on youth health campaigns through MEE Productions. These projects were often played over radio stations in various cities across the United States. She contributed to the university’s media hub through her work in a TUTV Practicum, which broadcasted its shows on cable television. This contribution was also made through writing for The Legacy, a publication of Temple’s Association of Black Journalists.

Amber is a native to the Philadelphia region with roots in South Carolina. During the moments she has to herself, she is either writing children’s stories or poetry, modeling, or catching up on entertainment news. She believes the world has much to offer to her, and that in turn she has much to offer back to the world.


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